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However you look at it, the Bible is an extraordinary book! That's why we would like you to discover how it can change your life.


In 2023 we ran an exhibition and art gallery in Rugby town centre, encouraging people to discover the Bible for themselves. Now we run regular courses, hold Bible talks and sometimes give away free Bibles in Rugby town centre. Find out about our activities and how you can get involved below!

Special Talks in November
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Bible Talks

Each Sunday we hold Bible talks on a wide range of interesting subjects designed to interest those who are new to the Bible. These are usually at 6.15pm but on the first Sunday of the month, they are at 3pm. We'd love to see you there!

Take a look at our upcoming topics here.


You can also find recordings of past talks here.


Discover the Bible: The Forbidden Book

Would you risk your life for a book?

This may seem a ridiculous concept today, but this wasn’t always the case. Not only was it once illegal to own a copy of the Bible, for centuries people were forbidden to even read it!

Even more interesting is that some of those who risked their lives to ensure we can have it in our homes today have a connection to Rugby and the surrounding area.

Our talks and courses all take place at our place of worship:

Rugby Christadelphians, 76 Oliver Street, Rugby, CV21 2LE 

Bible Courses

Free courses exploring the word of God
Monday evenings at 8pm


Run by experienced tutors, these popular courses will help you to read and understand the Bible for yourself. Designed to be informal with opportunity for questions and discussion, we will delve into the Bible and learn all about God's word together.

We cover a variety of topics, including introductory Bible courses from time to time. You can what we are currently covering on our website (click here for more information).

If you would like to join in then please get in touch below!

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